Marine Debris Bakelite Project campaign

supercyclers' Sarah K & Andrew Simpson have developed a new material created from 100% recycled plastic collected from Australian beaches after it has been dumped out of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

We are all familiar with images of these swirling masses of plastic waste, delivered via ocean currents into two major concentrations between Japan and California. There is also microplastic so tiny that it is ingested by marine life and is devastating marine ecosystems.

Plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is washing up in our tides onto our beaches – we've have chosen to see this waste as a resource, collect it and use it to create something beautiful and useful.

supercyclers follow the premise that simply making recycled products from waste, can be improved by a bit of design thinking,  the focus is on creating something so beautiful and useful that you forget that it was once a plastic mess in our oceans.

Marine Debris Bakelite Colour Samples

Marine Debris Bakelite is characterised by a marbled quality that references early Bakelite in look, weight and density. It is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic by using small scale industrial and hand manufacturing processes developed entirely by us.

Our first product, the Marine Debris Bento Box was launched at Tokyo Design Week in 2015. It has been successfully sold and used by customers since, and can also be purchased here.

The Marine Debris Bakelite Bento Box 

You can also pre-purchase the other tabletop objects in our first Marine Debris Bakelite Collection as part of our campaign; we are staggering the production of each item starting with the smaller and more manageable pieces and moving into the larger and more challenging. 

The Marine Debris Bakelite Tableware Collection

This July, you can preorder the MDBP cups by Kirstie Van Noort and small plates by Formafantasma.

Formafantasma  – (IT/NL) Sicilian stars of the design firmament Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin create narratives around their work that are particularly seductive – and back this approach with a beautiful idiosyncratic aesthetic.Their work is held in many public and private Museum and Art Gallery Collections throughout the world, and in fact, there are not a lot of Formafantasma pieces that you have the opportunity to buy and have yourself, so we are feeling pretty privileged... You can too as you eat your meal from their MDB plates

Kirstie Van Noort – (NL) Based in the Netherlands, Kirstie is a designer who has made research and the results of her findings central to her practice. Her beautiful glazes derived from different minerals in the landscapes of specific places set her ceramic works apart.The cup Kirstie has designed is our most accessible product price-wise – if you just had one it could be used for your bed-side water, or even a place to keep your toothbrush.




available soon...

Jasper Morrison – (UK) the designer's designer, Jasper is well known for his no-nonsense pared back approach to design and his love of the supernormal; design whose usefulness gives rise to its form. Jasper has designed for us a large elegantly curved serving bowl that might be used to serve a salad or hold fruit.

Jonathan Zawada – (AUS/US) Jonathan is a versatile artist, product and digital designer. You will know his work, perhaps without knowing it, because he is the award-winning artist behind Flume's album cover and film clips for 'Skin'. His 'Percent' Water Jug is going to make your table look very cool.

Greece Is For Lovers – (Gr) With their own brand of humour, GIFL take a light-hearted approach to design, drawing on the wealth of iconic Greek design history, ancient and modern, beautiful and kitsch. The broken remnant of a Corinthian column as a table light is the perfect GIFL response to our brief – Marine Debris Bakelite, where the traditional marble would have been.

Martì Guixé  – (Sp) Martì is a genius designer who has created his own visual language, even his own visual world, in his long and colourful career. He connects his sense of humour to food and to design in a beautiful bizarre love triangle. He is responsible for the term food design and we would argue he is the unsung hero of the world wide food revolution of the last several years. So it is fitting that he would design something that is really only so useful in the food industry of the most recent times: the chef's tweezers, so that you can perfectly place your micro herbs and edible flowers with maximum ease : )

 Ladies & Gentlemen Studio – (US) These guys – Dylan Davis and Jean Lee, who live and work in New York – are just very good at geometric, Memphis-inspired design. And not just the form, but also the material, colour, light, shade, proportion – all of it. You can be confident that the sugar bowl, creamer and tray trio they have designed is going to double as something really nice to look at and use every day.

stay posted for the products as they become available to purchase