Marine Debris Bakelite Plates by Formafantasma

Marine Debris Bakelite Plates by Formafantasma

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An extra large main course plate and an entree or side plate

Formafantasma (IT/NL) Sicilian stars of the design firmament Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin create narratives around their work that are particularly seductive – and back this approach with a beautiful idiosyncratic aesthetic. Their work is held in many public and private Museum and Art Gallery Collections throughout the world, and in fact, there are not a lot of Formafantasma pieces that you have the opportunity to buy and have yourself, so it's a rare opportunity...

Designed by Formafantasma

All Marine Debris Bakelite tableware is coated in a food safe wax resin. Hand Wash. No Microwave. Recyclable.

orders will be fulfilled within one month of meeting a total order of 120 plates